Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 9

The endorphins had started to fade.  Leaving the burning sensation of cut flesh behind.  The cuts were deep in the skin.  I felt light headed, and tired.  My wrists were pulled back against the chair as I slumped into the padding.   My right hand slid further into the duct tape and I could feel the […]


So I had around 80 registrations for the site so far and almost all of them looked to be made by bots.  I was unaware bots were capable of creating registrations.  Luckily there are no link’s allowed in postings so they were unable to post anything that would show a link to yet another “Ugg […]

Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 8

The pain started on my right pectoral.  “Hmm.. ”  She said as she rubbed my chest.  The scar she’d left me from before was interesting to her.  “I suppose I can work with this.  Not every canvas is perfect.”  She winked at me and then brought the blade to my skin .  I have to […]

Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 7

She walked lightly around the barcalounger.  I looked up at her as she did so.  Her face was beautiful, sensual, evil.  Her eyes gleamed with malevolent intent, and a tinge of crazy thrown in for good measure.  I should have been on guard.  I should have known from the beginning something was up.  “You, put […]

Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 6

De La Rosa looked to home plate.  The batter was one of the Dodgers best, and didn’t look like he was messing around as he stepped into the box.   His cheek was nearly full of chew or seeds.  It was hard to tell which with the camera angle.  There was no one on base, and […]

Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 5

I flexed my hand a bit while hot water ran down my arm.  Tiny rivers ran along the scar, down, and to the tips of my fingers before falling to the bottom of the shower.   Like a phantom memory, the pain of the blade impaling my arm pulsed.  Doctors said there was nerve damage and […]

Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 4

I decided to stop by a little hole in the wall Pizza Parlor on the way home.  I came home with a box of master crafted cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms.  Just the smell of it was intoxicating.  I had a hard time just driving home without snaking a hand in the box for a slice.  […]

Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 3

“Daddy was hurt.  There had blood all over his shirt” “Could you tell us where your daddy was hurt honey?” The little girl pointed to her chest.   Then she pointed to her neck.  And then she finally pointed to her arm. “I’d like to bring to the jury’s attention evidence exhibits 12 B and C.   […]

Type Racer

I’m not sure how many of you guys actually type with the traditional methods.   And by that I mean spreading your hands out on the keyboard like they were meant to be when originally designed.  I took typing in high school.  I think I got to like 23 wpm by the end of semester.  Back […]

Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 2

As I drove on with Nell in the back seat, I got to thinking about what a nice day it had turned out to be.  Finally, the weather had started to change.  Less pronounced were the grey overcast skies and bone biting chill of winter.  Spring was starting to show in everything from the buds […]

That Road Block

I usually don’t write on the weekends so I noticed my hit count dropped to a measly one.  I think that might have even been me I can’t really tell.  Anyway who cares.  This is more about just making sure I write something down every day instead of letting my writing just get stagnant.  So […]

Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 1

So I’m going to write that story that Stephen King puts up in his book and challenges the reader to hit the ground  typing on.  I’ll just type out portions until I come to natural stopping points, or if my brain just can’t really go any farther without a rest or something.  Generally, I’ve found […]

Raw Snippet

Thought I’d put a nice little snip of the current project here. If you have any feedback please feel free to share it. Bare in mind this snip is just really raw. When I write I do so without thought to going back to correct grammar or spelling unless its simply unbearable. Hope you enjoy. […]

Tools of the Trade

So thoughts on what you use to make your stories.  I’m curious as to how many of you outline your story before you begin.   Some people swear that’s the way to best make a story flow and get through it quickly.  I was on Amazon yesterday and noticed a book promoting typing around 5,000 to […]

What to write about.

So after a bit of time I’ve finally finished customizing this theme to what I wanted.  Hats off to Smart Cat for the initial design.  It was really attractive on his demo page.   Check it out. I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself.  I’m a bit of a nerd who loves to […]