Das Keyboard

So I recently received a Das Keyboard.  Its the 4th gen model with the blacked out keys and I have to say its amazing.  I got the “blue” switches, which have a clicky type of sound with every key press.   I don’t know if its just the fact that its mechanical or the actual lack of markings but on Typeracer.com my wpm has increased from the mid 70’s to the high 80’s.  I find that pretty impressive since the only thing I really changed was the keyboard.  I’ve even gotten over 100 a few times!   Just a note.  If you do play typeracer if you get over 100 wpm you have to take a second test to verify you did indeed go over 100 wpm.   The words are all in captcha format where there are all scribbled over.  Its seriously tough and I haven’t got a second 100 wpm performance in a row to keep my score.  I’m sad about it but at the same time.  I did at least hit triple digits just to take the test so that’s good.  If you’re really serious about writing any keyboard is going to work.  My old one was simple and came with the computer I work on but it got the job done just fine.  I’ve just wanted a Das since they first came out like 10 years ago or something.  Anyway, if you want to know more you can always check out  the Youtube videos on them. If you want a deal on them amazon.com is offering the S model right now refurbished for a good steal.  Here’s the link.  Happy writing!