I find I’m becoming less and less driven to keep writing on The Pass and instead spend time on the Mothers Les Paul story.  This is kinda a bad thing as the blog started out as a place to put the extra writing I had all bottled up in my head.  So after this story concludes I’m going to hold off on story time until I get to the point where writing on just The Pass isn’t enough anymore.  This is going to cost me page visits and views but in the end it will bring a close to The Pass sooner.  Its at 54000 words or so now and I really want to drive it home in the next 10 thousand or so words.  Once its finished I’ll be able to read The Storm for the first time in its entirety.  Then I’ll edit and pass it on to a select few 2nd draft readers.  So that’s the plan now.  Lets see how it goes.