So each project has stages. As I understand them they are.

Writing, Cooling, First Read, First Edit, Second Edit, Additional Edits or Publish.

I’ll keep this page as updated as possible while I keep writing.  Hopefully It will get pretty long.  🙂

Mothers Les Paul:

This was my first raw story for no reason.  It came out “OK” I guess but the ending really wasn’t my favorite.  I think in the future I’ll write the story out on a word document first then put it up on posts over time.   This way no one is waiting around and the story is more coherent.

Status:  Finished.

Mrs. Stephens:

This is just an assignment Stephen King.  I’m posting it daily on my blog with a whiskey image.  Feel free to read and comment.  I don’t know if I plan to revise this story.  I might when I send it off to Mr. King.  He said to keep it around 6 or 7 pages long.  So I’m shooting to finish it up around 7000 words.  Now that its done, I’ve come to find out that since 2012 Mr. King has no longer been accepting submissions of the story.  I’m sad to have missed the boat but I hope the story is enjoyable to those of you that like a horror.

Status:  7600 Words and Finished.

The Pass:

The pass is about your average man dealing with something completely unearthly while driving along a mountain pass to save time on a business trip.  Its also about the investigation and suspicions of a Sheriff Deputy.  He feels t here might be more to the conclusion of a tragedy that caused the closing of the road in the first place.  Not entirely sure how this one is going to shake out.  While writing it I’m finding the turns and twists of the story can surprise me.

STATUS:  73500 words and and Cooling


The Storm: 

The storm is the story of a family living in Kansas.  They’re going through their own crisis when another one falls from the sky and ravages their town.   Right now this story is complete at 16274 words.  Its currently collecting digital dust while it cools and waits for me to forget most of it before reading it again.  I hope to cut around 1500 words during the editing process and release it on the Amazon Marketplace.

STATUS:  Third Edit completed.  Looking to submit after final read.