Pushing one self

So all this week I’ve tried to get more than just 1000 words in on The Pass.  I’ve noticed it takes a bit more time to get extra words in.   I don’t want to get to 1000 words and think I should do another 500 just for word count.  At the same time I’m really starting to get anxious to start editing The Storm.  I can remember a bit about the story still but its been almost 2 months since it was finished.  Besides that I’m really sort of excited to read a story I’ve written from front to back instead of a section at a time while I write.  I’m worried that motivation is the wrong kind for me.  Today I wrote 1893 words for the book.  Its at 46900 something now and I’m happy with the progress I’m making.  I’ve also noticed with the blog my daily total count is starting to get rather high.   Yesterday I had a bit of a light day on the Mrs. Stephens story at 700 words.  Plus I did 1600 on The Pass.  So combined that’s 2300 in creative writing alone.  I’d say that’s quite a bit more than the 1000 word goal Mr. King sets in his book for new writers.

I don’t know if my current output is a good thing though.   Stephen King says 2000 words a day is his own personal goal these days and he’d consider that professional level for anyone else.  So being able to write that makes me feel good.   I imagine his 2000 words are worth way more than mine though.  In any case I don’t feel like I’m doing too much too soon.   Something the master also warns about.  If any of you are writers in a professional capacity let me know your thoughts on the matter.  Cheers!