Raw Snippet

Thought I’d put a nice little snip of the current project here. If you have any feedback please feel free to share it. Bare in mind this snip is just really raw. When I write I do so without thought to going back to correct grammar or spelling unless its simply unbearable. Hope you enjoy.

I hit the back of the flashlight against my palm. It flickered back a bit but it was considerably less potent now. I could see that everything was slick and took another step forward. The roots of the trees were sticking out everywhere and I had to watch carefully where I stepped. I felt some rain hit me again. Some landed on my head in big warm wet drops. The trees must have been condensing a bit above me. I looked up a moment to see that I was indeed covered by aspens and pines. More drops hit me, some on the skin of my hands and face. I wiped my face off and continued on. The flashlight was being problematic. Its three LED bulbs flickered from either lower power or bad connection. I wasn’t even sure this flashlight was weather proof. I found that if I shook it from time to time it renewed its intensity. My foot slipped a bit on a root but I caught myself on a tree. I shouldn’t have been paying so much attention to the flashlight and instead focusing on lighting my path. I shone the light on the ground and noticed my white sneaker was stained up by the terrain. Browns, reds, and general grim covered them now. I was glad I had floor mats. I took another step and slipped completely. My hands shot out for another tree but it wasn’t enough. With a crash I fell and rolled down the mountain. I grabbed another tree to stop my decent and realized that was the same hand that had been previously holding the flashlight.

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