Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 1

So I’m going to write that story that Stephen King puts up in his book and challenges the reader to hit the ground  typing on.  I’ll just type out portions until I come to natural stopping points, or if my brain just can’t really go any farther without a rest or something.  Generally, I’ve found that in my writing I tend to end things on a bit of a cliff.  I’m not sure why this tends to happen but it makes for somewhat interesting session endings.  So lets get started yeah?


I pulled up at the corner.  There was ALWAYS a line at Nell’s preschool.  You’d think with all the kids walking about they’d have a better parking lot situation going on.  Especially for what I pay.  Still I couldn’t complain.  My daughter was 5 and completely ready for school.  She was turning out to be a strong reader and held her own when it came to numbers as well.  Eventually some parents picked up their children and made their way out of the parking lot.  I found one of the last spots and parked.  There was no real option to be picky.  I kept an eye out, and made my way inside to get her.  “Mr. Stephens!” The 20 something preschool worker greeted me a bit more warmly than she needed to.  I smiled back and nodded in response.  “Daddy!”  Nell ran to me and held up a drawing in her hands.  “Dis is my card for Maya, do you like it?”   I gave my baby girl an excited expression and smiled at her drawing of two girls jumping into a pool.  I had to assume this was my daughter and Maya, the birthday girl.  She was clearly wearing a triangle on her head for a birthday hat.  “This looks amazing Nelly, I’m sure she’ll love it!”  She seemed pleased with my words.  “Come on now, we have to get going so you can go swimming with her.”   Nell nodded and asymmetrically folded the card before stuffing it into her backpack.  “Have a wonderful weekend Nelly Belly.”  The worker gave her a hug and Nell took my hand as I told the young girl thank you.   We waved and headed back out to the car.

Maya’s birthday party had been a long anticipated event.  And not just for Nell.  All week I’d had next to no time to just relax.  The Rockies were on a 15 game winning streak and I was going to actually get to sit down, pour myself a nice double whiskey, and just enjoy the game.  Both teams were putting up their number one pitchers as well.  It was bound to be an amazing game.  Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter, but Nell doesn’t love baseball, not as much as she loves the Power Rangers, and the ninja warriors were going to dominate the screen tonight if she didn’t have this party instead.  I even had aspirations to take a long afternoon shower before the game started in an effort to get nice and comfortable.  It was fair to say we were both grateful Maya was born today, 5 years ago.  All be it for different reasons.



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