Story Time: Bad Neighbors 2

Callie’s eyes adjusted to the light quickly.  She squinted, the screams of pain and violence only feet away from her.  Huddled in the corner she saw a figure.  The skin was black with filth, it was wearing a dirty grey shirt, and tattered jeans.  It was barefoot, and had long dirty hair that had been matted with its filth.  It was holding its hands and arms up to shield its eyes from the light coming in.  Callie watched in horror, as the sunlight started to peel layers of flesh off the arms.  The figure struggled, and screamed, trying to get under the lone mattress as its arms started to blister.  It moved with an unnatural speed and contortion.  Once under the mattress it stayed in the darkness and hissed at her.  Callie kept her back against the wall and the sunlight in between her and whatever was huddled there.

Now safe under the mattress, Callie could see its eyes looking straight at her.  There was a slight blue glow to them, which verified to her that whatever it was wasn’t human.  She caught her breath and started to rise up along the wall.  A low growl escaped the makeshift sun shelter, and Callie started to creep towards the bedroom door.  The room wasn’t large.  She would have to pass by the mattress in order to get out of the room.  Those blue eyes continued to watch her.  Callie in turn, couldn’t take her own vision away from them.  They were beautiful, piercing, and commanded all her attention.  Her breathing slowed, and she felt a calm wash over her.  She started to get the impression those eyes never meant her any harm.  A haze started to form around the edge of her perception.  Callie stopped pressing her back against the wall, and took a step forward.

It was intoxicating to see into those eyes.  There was an depth to them, like a deep lagoon of water, with something at the bottom that called to her.  She could hear it calling her name. “Calllieee” a soft ethereal presence waited for her there.  It promised a peace, and tranquility she had never known.  No more worries, no more schoolwork, boys, rumors, gossip, chores, parents. It was the thought of her mom that made her blink, or was it the eyes that blinked?. Was it reading her mind? When she thought of her mom did it get distracted?  In the trance, Callie had moved to sit on her knees less than a foot away from the mattress.  A hand was extended out, careful not to go into the direct sunlight, but if she moved an inch closer, her wrist would be in the shade.  Callie backed away, not wanting to think about what IT had in mind.  Then she heard the car driving up the driveway and stood up to see someone had arrived.

Callie was athletic, and moved with frenzied panic.  She jumped over the filth littered on the stairway and landed on the ground floor.  The being upstairs didn’t follow her, but she looked out  the front window and froze.  There was a car pulling into the driveway.  She backed away from the stairs and front window.  Callie had to escape, but she also couldn’t be seen.  The car parked in the driveway, and a big fat man started to get out.  She’d never paid much attention to the neighbors until she noticed the peeping, but in this panic’ed state the man looked enormous.  Tall as he was wide and then some, the giant would have no problem subduing her if he wanted to.  Callie turned and headed for the back door.

The further she got into the back, the harder it was to traverse the filth.  Bags, boxes, papers, empty bottles, and god knows what else was in piles.  She struggled to move over a pile of plastic bags and squeezed down the hallway towards the back room.  The kitchen was a complete horror story.  Roaches stayed in the open, and she swore she saw a mouse on the counter.  She hurried past the kitchen.  The door way to the back room was partially blocked by a dresser and she had to jump over it.  It was covered in scattered papers, and various desk lamps.  Some of the lamps were broken, others still in the box.  It was all noisy as she pushed it aside to get into the back room.   Her heart stopped when she surveyed the room she’d just entered.  The floor was non existent.  Piles of random junk were everywhere, as high as her shoulders.  The back door, was completely blocked.  The front door had to be opening soon.  Callie ran to the door and started to try and dig her way to the exit.  Then she heard it, the click and creak as the front door swung open.  Callie froze.

She heard heavy footsteps make their way into the living room.  Her heart stopped when she heard the front window close.  The man must have seen it and decided to stop letting the summer heat in the house.  Whatever was upstairs could still be heard groaning in pain.  “Jean Pierre?”  The big man had a voice that didn’t match.  It was high pitched and squealy.  Callie didn’t have time to consider it, as she moved away from the door to hide.  The man moved to the stairs, and started to go up them.   Callie saw her opening.  and bolted for the living room.  She tried to be quiet, and the man was being noisy upstairs.  Inside the living room Callie found the front window had indeed been closed.  She moved instinctively to the front door.  Her hand moved to grab the knob and then she saw it.  Eyes wide, Callie was shocked to see the front door had five locks on it. Two of the locks had keyholes.  She turned the knob and pulled.  With a sickening feeling, Callie found out she was locked in, the door didn’t move.