Story Time: Bad Neighbors 3

Callie had to take a moment to stare at the front door.  She just couldn’t believe she didn’t notice it before. The man had always taken a while to get into his house, she should have noticed. The door did have a lot of locks on it so she came in the window.  She should have noticed how abnormal that was. Callie moved to the front window.  The one she’d crawled in and was now closed.  It only had a simple switch lock on it.  She unlocked the window and grabbed it to slide it open.  Upstairs she could hear the man and, whatever it was up there making a lot of noise. She knew there was more going on here than just a pervert, but she didn’t care.  Callie slid the window open and crawled out.  All thoughts of secrecy gone, she just ran across the street.  She opened her front door, and slammed it shut behind her.  She didn’t even notice, that she had been crying.  Callie sank down the door, hugged her knees to her chest, and wept.

Eventually, Callie got up and looked out the peep hole to the house across the street.  The window was still open, but nothing else looked out of place. If she didn’t just see the inside, the house would be completely forgettable.  It wasn’t until she looked at the upstairs bedroom window that she noticed the drapes were up again.  Then she noticed the man sticking his upper half out of the front window and covered her mouth before she screamed.  He looked to the left, and then the right, then down. Callie wondered if she left prints.  The man looked up, following what he saw, and stared straight at Callie’s house.  The man made a grimace, and Callie backed away from the door.  She tripped on something then fell.  It felt as if the door wasn’t there, and the man could see her.

Callie scrambled to her feet.  She reached for the front door and locked it.  There was a temptation to look through the peephole again, but she couldn’t do it.  Instead, she ran upstairs to her own bedroom. When she got there, she made her way to the window.  Her blinds were closed but she still felt exposed.  She slowly walked up to the window and tried to control her breathing.  A single finger pushed the blind slightly to the side, and she looked.  The man was gone from the bottom window.  Callie exhaled a long breath and closed her eyes in relief.  She had just been imagining the feeling of being watched.

Callie let the blinds fall back into place, and took a moment to decompress.  She sat on the bed, and went through everything she’d just experienced.  She was pretty sure that aside from the front window, she hadn’t left any evidence of her visit. The man may have seen her prints, but he couldn’t know for sure.  This thought played through her mind over and over again.  She was in the clear.  She was home, safe and sound.  Her mother would be here in an hour.  She could still feel that sensation of being watched, but she thought that were just nerves playing tricks on her.  She slipped off her shoes, and decided to take a shower.  That place was gross, and she wanted it washed off her as soon as possible.

She thought about what she’d been through as she was letting the hot water fall on her. There was a solace in the steam.  Its cleansing properties helped with the mental violation she suffered in the bedroom.  Was that THING controlling her?  Was it seducing her?  The hypnotic properties of its gaze reminded her of a Vampire. She wouldn’t consider it a possibility if she hadn’t just been mesmerized herself. She resolved to never go by that house again.  How that creature was being kept, like a prisoner, probably meant it didn’t have access to a camera.  The thought that it was a prisoner, started to get to her.  Maybe it wasn’t all evil?  Maybe it was hurting?  Callie shut off the water, and decided that whatever it was, it wasn’t going to be a prisoner, for long.