Story Time: Bad Neighbors 1

There were no locks on the windows.  It slid right open when she pushed on it, and Callie made her way inside. The first thing she noticed was the smell.  Something in here was ripe, but she couldn’t tell what. The carpet was dirty, and there was clutter everywhere. This looked like a house from hoarders. Boxes, papers, and tons of plastic bags littered the tops of all the dressers, couches, and whatever else she saw in the living room.  She knew these people were weird but wasn’t really prepared for the filth she was encountering now.
She knew she had to get to the second floor, she’d seen the face there, looking at her window while she was getting dressed.  Talk about super creepy, she closed her blinds right away but could have sworn she saw a camera.  With that thought Callie decided she wasn’t going to let some creeper keep pictures of her to post online to or do whatever perverted things he might come up with.  She shivered just thinking about it.  Ew.  She’d waited until they’d all left for the day, and made her way over after pretending to be sick from school.
Callie thought she should have worn more clothing.  She was wearing some jean shorts, a tank top, and sneakers.  She wasn’t really prepared for the repulsive nature of this house.  Careful not to touch anything gross, she made her way to the stairway, and started to get to the second level.  She stopped still when she thought she heard a “bump.” She stayed there for a few moments while she listened, hair on edge with tension.  She didn’t want to get caught, then she’d be the one explaining why she was trespassing.
She knew the configuration of the house pretty well. She lived in suburbia and all the houses were the same.  She knew there was only one bedroom with a window facing towards hers.  The upstairs hallway was just as gross as the living room.  There were flies buzzing and what looked like a kitty litter box that had never been cleaned.  She couldn’t even see the litter grains for the cat to use.  It just looked like a pile of filth.  The smell was more pronounced up here as well.  It just stunk.  She reached for the knob on the bedroom she wanted.  It had one of those button locks on it, but the strangest thing was the button was on the outside.
When she turned the knob the button came undone, unlocking the door from the outside.  Callie should have thought about that little fact when the door was pulled open from inside and she lurched forward from it.  She screamed but something covered her mouth as she fell into the room.   The door slammed shut behind her.  She turned, trying to see what had a hold of her.  She saw nothing.  The rooms window was covered with blackout drapes.  She barely registered the outline of sunlight where the window should be.  The grip on her arm loosed and she fell towards the window side of the room. She reached desperately for the drapes and pulled.  Sunlight flooded the room and she heard a scream as light blinded her.