Story Time: Mothers Les Paul 10

I played a few rifts just before we got into it.  The drummer was now a familiar companion in my head.  He did a few beats out to bring me back into the iconic opening of the song.  The enemy knew me.  He knew my style now, and how well I could play.  I wasn’t too shabby.  I had a great technique and a wicked instrument.  There weren’t many vintage Les Pauls to go around.  I’m sure he wasn’t prepared to see one across the stage from him.  But with all that, with everything I had, I knew I was going to lose.  I knew eventually he’d tire me out like he did Gabby, and I’d waste away from the demonic powers of this accursed stage.  He’d own me, my soul would be his to play with.  But now, we were two.  And Braidy was better than I was.

With a boom of the amp, and the thud of her strumming, the bass line of the song came alive.  Firing on all 4 strings as she brought that simple bass guitar in her hands to new heights.  It had probably never been played so well.  She was the best student the university had ever had.  Davis himself said she wasn’t going to have any trouble finding a gig.  I was lucky enough to have her in my band, but we all knew she was going to be the one leaving first.  She’d end up playing for some major name on some crazy contract.  It was only a matter of time.  And it wasn’t just her fingers that were talented.  She waled into the mic and the power of her voice flooded the basement.  Lucifer could only watch as the demons in the venue all started dancing to our music.  OUR music.  She owned the song like I owned Annabelle.  And when she melted into “Eww… Barracuda…”  The demons in attendance started to roar with approval.  I even found myself blushing now, sexy images of my friend danced in my head.  I could never be just a friend again.

We jammed that song complete.  The final cords rang out uninterrupted by Lucifer’s set.  I’d felt the drummer leave my mind and go back to him.  We all waited.  Wondering what he was going to do next.   I turned to look at him, just in time to see him cracking the pole of a microphone stand.  He pointed at Braidy and said “cheater!” I watched in horror as he threw the pole in our direction.  The break in it was now a sharp point as it flew through the air.  I reflexively ducked away, thinking at first he was throwing it at me.  I heard a meaty “THUNK” as the pole found her behind me.  There was a gasp of air, then a scream.  I turned around to see what had happened.

Braidy was on the floor, in front of her Gabby was bleeding all over the place.  It had struck her right under the left rib cage.  She must have jumped in the way.  Braidy held her and tried to coax her back to health.  Gabby coughed and looked up at me.  “Oh my God!”  I said, kneeling down at the mysterious girls side.  “Its ok.” She got out.  “He’ll be here soon.”  I didn’t understand what she meant.  She was probably being delirious.  “We have to get out of here.”  I said.  She shook her head and grabbed my shirt.  Getting blood all over it.  “Don’t get off the stage till its over.”  She coughed some more and her eyes started to glaze over.  “Don’t leave the stage until its over.”  I shook my head. “I don’t know what to do.”  She smiled weakly.  “You will my friend.  You’ve done it before.”   Her hand went limp.  Gabby, was gone.