Story Time: Mother’s Les Paul Part 12

Braidy watched him wide eyed.  She was facinated by just how well he’d learned this song.  It was all she could do just to keep up.  At the beginning it was simple, she just played the cords, and did her best on the vocals.  But as the song got longer and harder, she found she was having trouble breathing.  She felt a pressure on her throat.  Something that was there but not there.  She looked over at Lucifer and he was staring directly at her.  She tried to swallow but couldn’t.  Looking into the eyes of the Devil marks you forever.  He burned his name into her soul.  She stood there helpless.  She kept playing, in a trance as she was she knew this song inside and out.  She could feel him, etching his name on her essence.  She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry out for Mike to help her.  She tried to turn away, and her eyes stayed locked on his.  The dark coal orbs bore into her hazel’s.  She felt a tear slide down her cheek.  She was crying.

Just then Micheal’s guitar began to give out a soft glow.  She couldn’t really see it, she was too trapped by Lucifer, but she could feel it.  Lucifer was claiming her as his, and just as she felt she was about to resist no more the heat of Annabelle’s glow surrounded their part of the stage.  His presence left her immediately.  She came out of his trance and got back to singing.  She threw all of her triumph into it.  She fed the lyrics all of her passion.  Lucifer screamed and started to walk over to her.  She continued to play, having faith that he wouldn’t, couldn’t, touch her.  Micheal fell to his knees.  She looked as his back exploded into light.  Gigantic wings of light spread forth from his back.   Extending all the way to Lucifer’s part of the stage.  The Devil roared with an inhuman voice and the mask of humanity ripped away.

His skin split to expose blackened bone, his shirt burst into flames.  Smoke and ash filled his side of the stage.  From the smoke rose a skeletal figure.   The black bone was still smoldering red here and there.  The eyes held only two smoking embers.  From the back two skeletal wings spread wide.  As large as Micheal’s but not as brilliant.  Lucifer guarded himself from Micheal’s divinity.  The light ignited the bone, sending flames up and into the body of the beast.  It drove Lucifer back to the very corner of his stage.  Micheal could not be denied the victory.  Lucifer had no response.  The way Micheal was playing was perfect and there was simply no matching the intensity of this song.

Lucifer got up despite the blast of Micheal’s light and lunged to grab Braidy.  She took a stop back, but just as Lucifer got too close to Micheal, a surge of light came from Annabelle and he exploded into shadow and ash.  Every demon in the basement was stripped of their mask at the same time, and burned.  As the last chord of Micheal’s song rang out, Braidy looked around.  Only the drummer, burned from the same affect, was still intact enough to play.  He looked at Braidy, his skin crackling as it burned off.  He mouthed something to her.  “Thank you,” and then he too fell apart to ash and dust.

Braidy looked over at her friend.  Her crush.  His wings faded away and he looked exhausted at the end of the stage.  She walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder.   He was hot.  Almost burning to the touch.  “You did it.”  She said.  Tears dropped from her eyes.  He nodded.  He got up and turned to look at her.  His eyes had lost all color.  She gasped but he reached around her and pulled her to him.  She closed her eyes and just let his warmth comfort her.  “Lets get out of here.”  He said.  They turned to grab Gabrielle’s body but it was gone.  Together, they left the basement, ash covered and forgotten.

I am Micheal.  Servant of Divinity.  I will find and defeat the enemy wherever I find him.  Someday, I will lose.  Someday, the life in me will falter and I’ll return to my home.  Until then.  I will serve.  I thought this as I walked over the hill.  Braidy and I had hitchhiked all over the nation finding and banishing Lucifer’s minions wherever we found them.  She was bonded to me now.  As she tangled her fingers with mine, I felt the cool metal of her wedding ring.  I don’t know if it was His plan I find love while I was here.  But with her at my side, I could do anything.  I don’t know if this is how it was meant to be, I don’t even remember if Gabby was real.  Sometimes I felt her, looking over us, sometimes I wonder if she was ever really there.  We descended the hill to find our next challenge.