Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 7

She walked lightly around the barcalounger.  I looked up at her as she did so.  Her face was beautiful, sensual, evil.  Her eyes gleamed with malevolent intent, and a tinge of crazy thrown in for good measure.  I should have been on guard.  I should have known from the beginning something was up.  “You, put it in the whiskey huh.”  She slipped into my lap, rubbing herself up against me in the process.   She loved seduction.  It was probably because she was amazingly good at it.  I don’t know how many fights ended because she was able to just turn me on regardless of how angry I was.  She could tell by the look in my eyes I was completely unaffected.  Her red lips came to a pout.  “Dick.”  Her voice could melt solid ice.  She emphasized the last part of my name.  The ‘k’ coming out with a distinct “click.”  “You haven’t taken a drink in a long time.   I could tell because the bottle was very dusty.”  I looked away.  I’d been stupid.  I should have put two and two together earlier.   I should have known.   “Aww.  Don’t beat yourself up too much darling.”   She whispered in my ear.  “I put a lot of effort into getting this time with you.   We’re going to have a ball.”   She accompanied the second sentence with a wiggle up her hips against my lap.  I knew she was only trying to get a rise out of my jeans from the effort.

“I don’t care what you do.  You’re going to be caught eventually.”  She moved to straddle me now.  “Aww Dick.”  Clicking the last of my name again.  “You know as well as I do that I don’t live for the future.”  Her hands game to the sides of my face and she ran them back, fingers tangling into my hair.  She began to grind herself against me while her fingers dug into my scalp.  She pulled my head back against the leather chair.  Jane loved rough sex.  Having me here helpless had to be heating her up.  I could tell by how she bit her lip that she hadn’t planned to be this affected.   She was having trouble maintaining control.  I wondered if there was some way I could use this to my advantage.  She leaned forward and whispered in my ear.  Her perfume equal parts alluring intoxication and revulsion.  “I only live for the here and now my love.  I’m going to make you regret ever leaving me.  Dick.”  I was beyond sick of the way she was saying my name.  “I’m the best thing that ever happened to you.”  She said as she sat up.  As she looked down at me I could tell she was completely gone.  Something had pushed her beyond.

“You’ll never get the satisfaction.”  I told her.  “You’re psych..”  Her hand flew quickly to the side of my face and slapped me.  “DON’T”  I turned to face her.  My neck was still under my control.  She slapped me again with her other hand.  “CALL! ME! CRAZY!”  Each word punctuated with a fiery lash across the face.  Whatever she’d given me didn’t numb all the pain.  I used it.  I bit my bottom lip and looked up at her defiantly.  “You are bat shit, fuck all, psy…. ”  Her fist connected with my nose.  The bone cracked, and I felt the numbing heat radiate as my eyes teared up.  I tasted the blood from my nose on my lips.  “Psy-ka-tick”  I drew the word out and ended it just like she’d been ending my name.  She screamed and clawed my face.  Her fingers ripped into it with sharp nails.  It burned.  My muscles tensed in the areas that were still with me.  Her nails had ripped open my skin from above my eye down my left cheek.  I smirked.  She wasn’t getting the best of me today.