Story Time: Mrs. Stephens 9

The endorphins had started to fade.  Leaving the burning sensation of cut flesh behind.  The cuts were deep in the skin.  I felt light headed, and tired.  My wrists were pulled back against the chair as I slumped into the padding.   My right hand slid further into the duct tape and I could feel the tape lose purchase on my arm hairs.  Jane had gotten up.  She said she had some more treats for me and I could hear her doing something in the kitchen.  I looked with sleepy eyes at my hand and noticed it was still a little covered in grease from my pizza binging earlier.  I licked my dry lips and tried to rotate my arm to get more grease on the tape.   I bent my fingers and tried to put the grease under my wrist.  Then I started rotating my wrist to work the grease from the chair to the tape.  I noticed that my arm hairs were starting to come free a bit.   Maybe this would work.

“Alright love.  Time to have some more fun!”   She rounded the chair and jumped back on my lap.  Her fingers ran down my chest with a light scratch.   Until her nails got to the cuts.  Her nails dug hard over the wounds and I bit down on the fabric of the t-shirt to bare the pain.  Any scab’s my blood had formed in that brief rest were pulled away.  Fresh heat poured from the wound as blood flowed once again.  My eyes fixed on hers with nothing but hatred.  I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of having me beg, or yell.  I was happy for the t-shirt in my mouth.   I was happy I couldn’t cry out.  I squirmed some as she reached over, trying to work my hand some more without her noticing.  “You know I loved your ears.  I remember I could drive you crazy just by suckling on it just so.”  She considered her statement as if deciding whether or not to do it now.  I prayed she wouldn’t.  She sat back up and held the same knife in her hand.  The new shine on the edge told me what she’d been doing.  It had been resharpened after cutting her name in me.

She held the knife in her hand and rested it on my right shoulder.  Her face was inches from mine now as she bore into my eyes with her own fiery gaze.  “I’m going to make sure no other woman will get to drive you nuts quite like me.”   She reached for my right ear with her free hand and I moved my head to guard it.  She reached for my left ear and I moved again to guard that one.   I pulled back with my legs, moved my torso, and tried to bite her hand.  The entire time I was doing this I was trying to work my fingers under the tape on my right hand.  The pizza grease was starting to work its way between the leather and the tape.  If I could just hold her off for a few more moments.  She laughed as she struggled with me.  “My my Dick.  You haven’t thrust like this since our wedding night.”  She heckled me and then pressed the blade against my throat.  “That’s enough!”  I looked at her and said something in a muffled voice.  She must have been interested in what I had to say for she cut the tape holding the shirt in place and took it out of my mouth.  She looked confused because I was smiling.  The blade was still close to my throat.  “You’re right.”  I said.   “That is enough.”  With all my energy, I pulled on my right wrist, my hand came free.