Story Time?

So I’m wondering what to write here and I have a few story ideas.   There’s an assignment in Stephen Kings book on the craft that gives you a senario and then adds a twist before saying go.  So I could start writing that.  Or we can go with another idea.   If your one of my 4 visitors this month feel free to register and comment what sort of story you’d like me to write.  I’m thinking we could do some sci-fi, drama, horror, or sword and sorcery.  I like all that stuff.   I’ll go back and review the Stephen King assignment and if I get nothing I’ll just start writing that.  I don’t plan on editing or refining the work so however it ends up it ends up.  Lets see what happens.


UPDATE :  “The Pass” is now at 37788 words.  Its going well.  Hopefully there’s another 20 thousand words in there.  The main protagonist just found out he’s in a horror book.   Talk about a bad day.