That Road Block

I usually don’t write on the weekends so I noticed my hit count dropped to a measly one.  I think that might have even been me I can’t really tell.  Anyway who cares.  This is more about just making sure I write something down every day instead of letting my writing just get stagnant.  So what to do?   Well lets talk a bit about the situation I’m in.

“The Pass” is written in dual first person perspective.  Both protagonists have encountered the antagonist for the first time, as well as each other.  I had planned on switching perspectives often so that’s not the biggest concern.  My main problem is what to do now that they’ve all met.  I don’t want to end the story so abruptly.  In a perfect world I’d find a way for them to believably survive the encounter without being able to escape the situation.  So I’m thinking on that a lot.  Its scary, in many of the same ways drawing the final facial features are for me.  I don’t want to mess it up.  I still have to meet my 1000 word quota today and plan to.  I just am not sure how I’m going to continue the story now.  I’ll have to figure that out before I proceed.

I also wanted to talk a little about “Story Time.”   It seems like a fun project so I hope after I write some more and post that you guys enjoy the story.  Stephen really lays out a great idea and I imagine I’ll parse the whole thing into one file for him when its all said and done.  I think that would be a fun thing to keep doing even after that particular story is done.  Maybe if I get some actual humans registered to this blog, instead of bots, we’ll see some good ideas thrown out there for next time.

Alright.  Well its time to get warmed up and started.  Cheers 😀