Time to get back at it.

So its time to get back to writing.  I finished editing the Storm but haven’t made all the changes I marked on my 2nd draft to the electronic file.  Its hard to edit but fun to write.  I wish i could pay for an editor but until the books start sustaining themselves I guess I’m on my own.  I did start another book with the intention on editing while I write but it just became too distracting to maintain flow.  Going forward I’ll need to hold myself to a higher standard while I write.  I’m going to focus on the website to start, new short story posts.  Quarter chapters or complete chapters at a time.  We’ll see how it works out.  I also have a TON of spammers on this website and have had to disable guest accounts and comments.  We’ll see how things go and go from there.  I’ll post something up later today.