Type Racer

I’m not sure how many of you guys actually type with the traditional methods.   And by that I mean spreading your hands out on the keyboard like they were meant to be when originally designed.  I took typing in high school.  I think I got to like 23 wpm by the end of semester.  Back then that was good enough for a B and I was pretty happy to be able to type.  We were typing on actual word processors back then.  Not crappy computers that had Microsoft Word.  These machines only did one thing.  The funny thing is I remember in middle school the typing room there had actual mechanical typewriters.  Now I sit here typing on my Das Keyboard thinking how nice it is to have mechanical buttons.  The clicky, sharp report of every keypress was something we took for granted back then.  I can sometimes type over 100 words per minute now.  Even at this level, my teacher would still scold me for not having my wrists elevated high enough.  I still sometimes hit the space bar after the letter ‘t’.

Anyway this got me to thinking about you guys and how much you actually practice at the skill of typing.  In my view its pretty important to be able to type as fast as you are able.  I enjoy my own speed, and find it convenient that my thought and output can run at real time.  If I had to actually scribe, that is, write down with pen and paper my stories I don’t think I could actually finish anything.  The speed at which I can communicate is probably one of the biggest reasons I’m able to blog, write story time, and write a novel at the same time.  If you would like to get better at typing.  I would suggest you try the following.


This little site will measure your speed, allow you to practice and can constantly challenge you to race others of similar skill.  I can’t recommend it enough.  When I started I believe my speed was around 54 wpm.  I thought I was fast then but when you look at some of these records you can see there’s always room for improvement.   I hope you guys try it out and see just how helpful a little competitive racing might be for your own typing skills.  Cheers.