What to write about.

So after a bit of time I’ve finally finished customizing this theme to what I wanted.  Hats off to Smart Cat for the initial design.  It was really attractive on his demo page.   Check it out. I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself.  I’m a bit of a nerd who loves to tinker and mess with computers.   I do a lot with computers in my professional life as a systems administrator.  Linux, SQL, PHP, WordPress, and Graphic Design are all things I do on a regular basis in my 8 – 5 grind.

However, that’s not what this site is about.  Creative outlets are really what the little drop of ink is all about.  You don’t really put a picture of a quill and bottle on your site if you don’t plan on creating something with it, right?  I didn’t think so.  So lets talk about that stuff.   Those various passions that I hope you too are into.  I like to write.   I like to draw.  I like to take photographs with my DSLR Nikon.  They say creativity is one of the few things America still has the edge on the rest of the world.   I don’t know about any of that, but I hope the creativity you find here is entertaining, as well as inspiring.

The blog of this is going to be called “Raw Inque.”  I don’t intend to edit these posts and go through them beyond a cursory inspection shortly after writing them.  I want to write stuff down and publish it to get content flowing.  I’ve pretty much locked down commenting and registering simply because I’ve had like 500,000 comments about buying Uggs or GoPro cameras.  When that stuff cools down I’ll open it back up again.   If you want a user account set up just e-mail me.  Inqu31ng at gmail.  That will be nifty.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King.  That’s what got me started.  I have an audible account and decided to use one of my credits on that book. I have to say its probably the best credit I’ve ever spent.  Its narrated by Stephen, so that makes the whole thing feel like a one on one session with the master.  No joke, I felt like it was just him me and a blank sheet of paper.  If you’re really interested in writing, I can’t recommend that book enough.

So lets talk about what other posts I should probably generate here.   I think if you’ve gotten this far you’ve probably read the dribble I’ve put on the other pages, the unfinished projects in particular.  I wrote the first novella in 14 days after listening to Stephen’s audiobook.  That’s a little over 1,000 words a day, and I was pretty happy with how fast 1,000 words sort of spill out of me in a fairly short amount of time.  I’ve selected a few first draft readers, but I’m still working up the gumption to ask them to read it, and let me know what they think.   To be honest I’m finding that part scarier than actually writing the story.  I also have the current story I’m working on.

I’ve been working on “The Pass” for about a month now.  I started right after I finished “The Storm.”  I’m going to have to figure something out about these titles huh.  Or at least refrain from using the word “The” followed by some object.  It’s not as easy to write something considerably longer.  We’ll see how that goes.  At 33,400 words, its already twice as long as my first story.  I’m proud of that.  Still, it’s infinitely more complex because I’m telling this story in dual first person.  I’m not sure what I was thinking there.  Since I’ve started I’ve tried to at least maintain the 1,000 word a day quota.  I’ve only failed that quota once, but for the past 3 days I’ve managed to get at least 2,000 words so perhaps the 800 word day can be swept under the rug.

One last thing.  I’d like to write short stories here.  Perhaps something we could do together.  You could give me direction or ideas and together we can enjoy some creativity.  Maybe it could be something where we write an entire free to the world story.  A chapter or something a day until the end.  We’ll just leave it out there unedited and full of imperfections.  Just a thought.

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